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Braised chicken with herbs - Pollo in tegame

How to cook juicy chicken

Over-cooked… burned edges… or gristly and dried out like wall insulation: although our vegan and vegetarian friends might have other priorities,the most horrible thing to do to a chicken is to cook it wrong. These are things that happen quite commonly when it comes to cooking chicken, also because, on the other hand, finding a […]

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Pellegrino Artusi

Pellegrino Artusi: introducing UK to “…the Art of Eating Well”

Italy unified with a frying pan I don’t know if you ever heard about him before, but… see that guy with the mutton-chop whiskers? That is Pellegrino Artusi, the author of “Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well” (1891). That book, in Italy, is as famous as Pinocchio. You don’t need to name it by […]

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Aldo Fabbrizi "La Matriciana Mia"

Aldo Fabrizi and his Amatriciana “My way”

Aldo Fabrizi. Say his name and anybody with a bit of national pride in Italy would come up with an “Ooooh, Aldo Fabrizi!” from the bottom of the heart. He was a national treasure. Period. He was an actor, a writer, a director, and a producer. He embodied the polyhedric personality of “the Italian” making […]

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Bucatini with Matriciana Sauce

Amatriciana or Matriciana? The origins of a legend

What is it called? Amatriciana? or Matriciana? Well, this is another of those culinary-slash-etymological Italian domestic feuds that divide the country. And the closer you get to the Latium boundary lines the more oversensitive people are about this matter. So, how to behave when there’s no chance of guessing on which side of the barricade […]

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Bladder CAmpion and Parma Ham

Parma Ham, let’s talk about it… while we cook it with Bladder Campion

Ziti with Bladder Campion and Parma Ham You should already know Bladder Campion from one of my earliest posts and you can read how to blanch it for storing in this recipe. Here instead is my first proper recipe with Silene Vulgaris, whose sweet and delicate flavor, enhanced by a generous use of shallots and […]

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Fusilli with Black Kale and Smoked Pancetta. Doesn’t it say “It’s Autumn!”?

Combining the strong flavours of cavolo nero, smoked pancetta and pecorino romano cheese. A couple of months ago I bought these giant fusilli, and I was waiting to find the perfect sauce for them. I knew it should have been something chunky and strong enough to deal with those mighty spirals and engulf them, but […]

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Parmigiana: the quintessence of Italian cooking!

People, the Parmigiana! Please, stand up! The quintessence of Italian cooking! An archetype. Any attempt at describing it with common words would break the enchantment its names can conjure  and the pathos it arouses. The silver bullet against any nutritionist, the crucifix that vaporizes any dietician… A bit carried away? May be… but the thing of the […]

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100! One Hundred!… And it’s not my weight!

  100! One-Hundred! And it’s not my weight! I checked the “Google Analitics” this morning and it says that Aglio Vestito has 100 unique visitors! I know it’s not that big a deal, but for me it’s a significant goal. Most readers are from England and Italy, but I have some people visiting the site […]

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Introducing Cavolo Nero
“Black kale” from Tuscany

    The weather is chilling and so it’s time to introduce you to “cavolo nero”… or is it vice versa? Because black kale – or Tuscany kale –  is such a protagonist in any dish where it’s put in, that it almost has a soul on its own. Originally grown only in Tuscany, in […]

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Money & Time

  As promised, yesterday I updated the intro of all recipes, adding both their approximate total cost and cost per portion. I also specified that it is nothing more than an approximate estimate, since the average cost of each ingredient comes from combining its actual prices in the most common supermarket in United Kingdom and […]

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