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How much does good food cost?

“… and how much does this cost?” I guess that many of you have asked themselves this question after reading a recipe on a book or on the internet. And I bet that many have given up trying a dish just at the thought  of how much those exotic ingredients might have cost. Obviously, knowing […]

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Coming Soon…

This is going to be a work in progress post: I will update it each time I publish a new recipe. The next one will be “Bucatini a la Gricia”: a dish coming from the old shepherds’ tradition of Lazio, and apparently it is even older than the first tomatoes that set foot in Italy […]

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Wild herbs and almost lost wisdom

Supermarkets and seasons do not really go together well. We want everything throughout the year, so vegetables travel quite a lot before being displayed on shelves. They necessarily need to be harvested ages before being sold as perfectly ripe and to be maintained appealing to the view with the help of not so appetising additives. […]

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