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Pellegrino Artusi

Pellegrino Artusi: introducing UK to “…the Art of Eating Well”

Italy unified with a frying pan I don’t know if you ever heard about him before, but… see that guy with the mutton-chop whiskers? That is Pellegrino Artusi, the author of “Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well” (1891). That book, in Italy, is as famous as Pinocchio. You don’t need to name it by […]

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Aldo Fabbrizi "La Matriciana Mia"

Aldo Fabrizi and his Amatriciana “My way”

Aldo Fabrizi. Say his name and anybody with a bit of national pride in Italy would come up with an “Ooooh, Aldo Fabrizi!” from the bottom of the heart. He was a national treasure. Period. He was an actor, a writer, a director, and a producer. He embodied the polyhedric personality of “the Italian” making […]

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Bucatini with Matriciana Sauce

Amatriciana or Matriciana? The origins of a legend

What is it called? Amatriciana? or Matriciana? Well, this is another of those culinary-slash-etymological Italian domestic feuds that divide the country. And the closer you get to the Latium boundary lines the more oversensitive people are about this matter. So, how to behave when there’s no chance of guessing on which side of the barricade […]

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