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Baked Pumpkin: the best way of saving all its good flavors

Baking a pumpkin: the best way for keeping all its good flavours

Pies, gnocchi, soups, ravioli, creams, risotto, quiche, bread … there are so many things you can make with pumpkins! And each recipe, say the experts, would need its specific type of pumpkin. Mostly because people developed their recipes to get the best out of each local cultivar. Why baking it whole? Baking the hole unpeeled […]

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300… Unique Visitors

300… Unique visitors! Prepare for glory!

300! Three hundred unique visitors today! I like to think we are all fighting together against fast food, junk food and ready meals… Although I honestly hope you will double up quickly ’cause, in 480BC, things weren’t going too well for those Spartans! So spread the news! “[…]Ready your breakfast and eat hearty[…]” and prepare […]

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