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Linguine with Summer Pesto recipe

Summer Pesto sauce

Pesto with tomatoes: a raw fresh sauce for the hot season Uncooked sauces: just perfect during hot summer. They are thick and mellow and save intact the flavor of each ingredient. Although a traditional pesto should be made patiently mashing ingredients in a mortar one little piece at the time – a job that can […]

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"Veal Spezzatino with Potatoes" recipe

Spezzatino with Potatoes: an Italian Sunday meal

This dish is a classic Italian sunday meal. Not because it couldn’t be cooked in any other day of the week… but because it is one of those dishes that make everybody happy. Happy those who cook it: it basically cooks itself, and in-between a chopping and a peeling you can do other things… cleaning, […]

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Braised chicken with herbs - Pollo in tegame

How to cook juicy chicken

Over-cooked… burned edges… or gristly and dried out like wall insulation: although our vegan and vegetarian friends might have other priorities,the most horrible thing to do to a chicken is to cook it wrong. These are things that happen quite commonly when it comes to cooking chicken, also because, on the other hand, finding a […]

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