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raw honey lancashire

Aglio Vestito meets “Lancashire Honey”   Memories and Smells Memories can often be triggered by smell. It doesn’t need to have a particular meaning: sometimes it’s simply something that was there while something meaningful or even meaningless was happening to us. It’s a powerful connection that gets unconsciously stored in one of the many rooms in our soul […]

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Bladder CAmpion and Parma Ham

Parma Ham, let’s talk about it… while we cook it with Bladder Campion

Ziti with Bladder Campion and Parma Ham You should already know Bladder Campion from one of my earliest posts and you can read how to blanch it for storing in this recipe. Here instead is my first proper recipe with Silene Vulgaris, whose sweet and delicate flavor, enhanced by a generous use of shallots and […]

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Introducing Cavolo Nero
“Black kale” from Tuscany

    The weather is chilling and so it’s time to introduce you to “cavolo nero”… or is it vice versa? Because black kale – or Tuscany kale –  is such a protagonist in any dish where it’s put in, that it almost has a soul on its own. Originally grown only in Tuscany, in […]

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Money & Time

  As promised, yesterday I updated the intro of all recipes, adding both their approximate total cost and cost per portion. I also specified that it is nothing more than an approximate estimate, since the average cost of each ingredient comes from combining its actual prices in the most common supermarket in United Kingdom and […]

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