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Coming soon: what I’ve already cooked and you want to know how to make…

This is going to be a work in progress page: I will update it each time I publish a new recipe.

It’s Christmas time! So, Aglio Vestito needs something christmas-ie!

But as you might have noticed already, I do not like to cook conventional recipes… I do not like clichés (that’s why I haven’t published the carbonara recipe yet!). Also, there’s nothing like a british “Sunday dinner” or “Christmas dinner”: every Italian region, every town, every single Italian family have their own “traditional Christmas meal”. And sometimes it’s not even traditional! We like to change, adding a twist to those family recipes we can’t do without. This is fun: “what did u have at X-mas?” is always a winning topic for conversation!

So I prepared some new recipe with something totally un-usual for my non-Italian readers,  like the “Risotto with Orange and Taleggio cheese” (well… this is an invention so it’s totally unusual for italian people too). It can follow a nice and tasty appetizer like “Crostini X-mas trio” and can go together well with “Veal fricassée and grilled Polenta”. Or you might want to begin with “Fried sage leaves trio”, have a “Risotto with Pomegranate” for starter and “Pork tenderloin in milk cream with pan-fried Fennels” as a main. All these go perfectly together with the pudding recipe I already published: the indulgent “Pandoro with mascarpone cheese and chocolate creams”.

An easy-to-match side dish can be the “Fennel & Cheese Pie”: steamed fennels layered with creamy béchamel and parmigiano cheese. It simply goes together well with any meat main course.

Other complementary recipe will be published along with those so in the next 2 weeks I will be ex-tre-me-ly busy!!!!

Buon Natale everybody! And buon Anno Nuovo!


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