How much does good food cost?


“… and how much does this cost?”

I guess that many of you have asked themselves this question after reading a recipe on a book or on the internet. And I bet that many have given up trying a dish just at the thought  of how much those exotic ingredients might have cost.

Obviously, knowing how much we are going to spend beforehand is quite an advantage, so I decided to pair each recipe with its most probable cost. Both total and per person.

It will be just a suggestion which I will calculate mixing different brands from different shops. No particular science applied to it, just common sense. And since I use to suggest quantities for almost every single ingredient – so you all should be able to get almost the same result – it will be quite easy to come up with quite reasonable numbers.

I think this will help a lot, and you will be surprised to know how little genuine homemade food can cost!

Let me know what you think about this!

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