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This is going to be a work in progress post: I will update it each time I publish a new recipe. The next one will be “Bucatini a la Gricia”: a dish coming from the old shepherds’ tradition of Lazio, and apparently it is even older than the first tomatoes that set foot in Italy from the other side of the world!

On last Sunday, I taught my very first italian cooking class and I enjoyed it like crazy! I thank all those who came and followed me through more than 3 hours of talking and cooking. I hope you will also become regular followers of this blog.

We learnt how to make strozzapreti and everybody was able to master the art of shaping them. We cooked them with courgettes, walnuts and Taleggio cheese: a dish I came up with just the night before the class. And that didn’t have a name. So, since the lovely ten years old Angel was so brave to taste it and said that , on a scale from 1 to 10, she liked it “…a lot” (wise girl!), we all agreed to name the recipe “Strozzapreti a la Lovely Angel”. So, I will upload the recipe in a matter of days; pictures are all ready, I just need to write it down.

Thanks again for attending my class!

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