Fusilli with Black Kale and Smoked Pancetta. Doesn’t it say “It’s Autumn!”?

Fusilli with Black Kale and Smoked Pancetta

Combining the strong flavours of cavolo nero, smoked pancetta and pecorino romano cheese.

A couple of months ago I bought these giant fusilli, and I was waiting to find the perfect sauce for them. I knew it should have been something chunky and strong enough to deal with those mighty spirals and engulf them, but I didn’t know exactly what…

Then, I found this smoked pancetta in a shop around Lancaster. It’sBritish, not Italian, and it has been cured with a mice mix of aromatic herbs which perfectly match its deep, round but gentle smoked flavour. I am really enthusiastic about it.

So I thought that the earthy flavour of black kale combined with this distinctive smoked flavour and pecorino romano cheese, would have been the perfect way for officially welcoming Autumn.

Stalks or no stalks? The better way of buying Black Kale

Cavolo Nero – black kale – is quite easy to be found in supermarkets now, and it’s perfectly on season. You can find it either with or without its stalks, and although you might find the latter option more convenient, I would recommend you to choose the first: the stalk will maintain the leaves alive for longer, whereas the chopped leaves might belong to various and older plants.

Find the recipe here.

Note for the users: please click on the label “HOW TO” to watch the slide-show of each cooking step.

* Please note that both total cost and cost per portion are approximate and that can vary according to seasons and to different conditions.

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