Summer Pesto sauce

Linguine with Summer Pesto recipe

Pesto with tomatoes: a raw fresh sauce for the hot season

Uncooked sauces: just perfect during hot summer. They are thick and mellow and save intact the flavor of each ingredient.

Although a traditional pesto should be made patiently mashing ingredients in a mortar one little piece at the time – a job that can take quite a long time and put your elbows to the test – I find perfectly acceptable to use the technology of our early third millennium and wiz it up in a couple of minutes.

The results can’t be compared: textures and aromas are totally different, and the goodness of a hand made pesto is simply  out of reach with any blender. But with a couple of easy precautions, such as avoiding heated ingredients and even chilling the blender’s bowl and blades in the freezer, we can have a very good thick emulsion that will coat perfectly every single strand of pasta.

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Linguine with “Summer pesto” recipe

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