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As promised, yesterday I updated the intro of all recipes, adding both their approximate total cost and cost per portion. I also specified that it is nothing more than an approximate estimate, since the average cost of each ingredient comes from combining its actual prices in the most common supermarket in United Kingdom and four different “classes” of price: from the cheapest to the most expensive. All choices have been based only on my own personal experience. So, please do not consider those numbers to be written in stone.

That said, I’d like you to consider how reasonable the cost of our every day food might be. I myself was surprised to see that a portion of “Risotto in Red” can be cheaper than £1.20. I always thought it was: I like doing my maths while dropping stuff into my trolley so I don’t start panicking at the till, but seeing it jump out at the end of my spreadsheet’s column was… quite something!

Obviously, to keep our shopping bills as low as possible, we should not only buy food according to season, but we should also start planning our weekly shopping more carefully. We could think of a couple of possible ways of cooking the same main ingredient, so as to avoid too recognisable “humdrum”, especially to the little ones. Another good idea would be to make something nice with our leftovers… just to give them one last chance before the recycle bin. It’s not impossible and sometimes transforming something into something else can turn into an unexpected success.

We should also realise that we must invest some time in this: none of the dishes in this website can “ding” out of the microwave oven. So, part of the fun of having traditional italian food must be spending time between hobs, spoons and pans.

But I guess that since you follow “Aglio Vestito”, that won’t be an issue!

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