100! One Hundred!… And it’s not my weight!



100! One-Hundred!

And it’s not my weight!

I checked the “Google Analitics” this morning and it says that Aglio Vestito has 100 unique visitors!

I know it’s not that big a deal, but for me it’s a significant goal. Most readers are from England and Italy, but I have some people visiting the site from Australia, Hong-Kong and Canada. One reader comes from Korea (a former student of mine – bless her!) and one from Vietnam! France, Belgium, Austria and Slevenia are there too: you can see the picture of the map with the flag I’ve designed while carried away on a wave of enthusiasm. What do you think… too much?

Well… thanks a lot anyway!

Please keep reading and… if and when I get to 1000 visitors, I’ll let you know as well with another enthusiastic post!

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