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Linguine with Summer Pesto recipe

Summer Pesto sauce

Pesto with tomatoes: a raw fresh sauce for the hot season Uncooked sauces: just perfect during hot summer. They are thick and mellow and save intact the flavor of each ingredient. Although a traditional pesto should be made patiently mashing ingredients in a mortar one little piece at the time – a job that can […]

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Baked Pumpkin: the best way of saving all its good flavors

Baking a pumpkin: the best way for keeping all its good flavours

Pies, gnocchi, soups, ravioli, creams, risotto, quiche, bread … there are so many things you can make with pumpkins! And each recipe, say the experts, would need its specific type of pumpkin. Mostly because people developed their recipes to get the best out of each local cultivar. Why baking it whole? Baking the hole unpeeled […]

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