Spezzatino with Potatoes: an Italian Sunday meal

"Veal Spezzatino with Potatoes" recipe

This dish is a classic Italian sunday meal.

Not because it couldn’t be cooked in any other day of the week… but because it is one of those dishes that make everybody happy.

Happy those who cook it: it basically cooks itself, and in-between a chopping and a peeling you can do other things… cleaning, in my mother’s case.

And happy those who eat it: its smooth mushy texture is irresistible. It’s simply compelling to sneak a bite directly from the pan, and nobody will notice if you stick to these two rules:

  1. pick only the small bits
  2. give the pan a shake to clear any evidence

How to cook it right

Chop the onions longwise following their fibers: this will allow them to soften completely without dissolving. Sear the meat properly to prevent the meat from going tough and dry. Let the white wine reduce completely or it will enhance the acidic notes of tomato passata. Cook the potatoes adequately before adding the tomato passata to optimize the thickening power of their starch.

Possibly, eat it with some freshly backed rustic bread.

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“Veal Spezzatino with Potatoes” recipe

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